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Hoop Club Spring 2023 Box Reveal

It's been a while! November was our last monthly Hoop Club box, and i've really enjoyed the space to think with a bit more time what we're going to do with the next box. It's going to benefit so much for a more considered and slower approach, I think you're going to like it :)

So for February's box we're working on a design from Laurie of Hook, Line & Tinker. Laurie is based in Nova Scotia, how cool?! We seem to work with lots of Canadian designers....embroidery must be a big part of the culture and tradition there maybe? I will ask Laurie if she knows all about that and you can read about it in the magazine!

So here is the project we'll be working on for what I'm calling our 'Spring' box... as by the end of February when we'll be sending the box out, hopefully we'll be seeing some signs of Spring!

 We've got a few stitches to practice/learn in this design...some lazy daisy stitch, some optional french. knots and some back stitch. I've really been enjoying the lazy daisy stitch - it's not something i've done a lot of an it's fun! We changed the colours of Laurie's original design and I think it gives it a lovely spring feel?

So we're upping our game with the curation of the added extras we put in the box (whether that be physical items or extra downloads etc) with extra time gives us so much more time to source and buy really original, useful things to add into your box that we hope you will love.

So the details, sign up as usual by the 15th of February, and boxes will go out around the 20th of that same month. You can skip a box by signing into your account on our website or you can pause if you want to catch up on a backlog of projects! You'll find all the subscription details on our website here. If you want to buy the box as a gift you can do that, this is a one off purchase and not a subscription. You'll find all those details on the website too.