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A reason to slow down, delivered.

"Your kits got me through the darkest time, I now have something that helps me manage my stress, and I look forward to every evening." Hoop Club is about more than just beautiful embroidery kits (the most modern, and design led on the market). We're here to provide you with a practical self-care tool, empowering you to find happiness and embrace zen-like tranquility amidst life's everyday stresses. Invest in your self-care and discover the magic of Hoop Club. Each slow stitch becomes a moment of calm & relaxation.

Busy lifestyles, stress & anxiety, all mean that lots of us struggle to relax, or find time to do something we love. It’s essential to prioritise relaxation as an essential part of your overall well-being and our regular delivery of a simple embroidery project will help you to do that.

"I love it - when the projects were monthly I got a bit behind and so the move to quarterly is perfect. Working on cross stitch and embroidery really helps me create quiet time in my head and recover from the stresses of life. Signing up to Hoop Club has been a life saver for me."

- Tanya T

"I love the hoop club! Over the past few months there have been such a great variety of kits. I love learning new stitches and I’ve always been happy with the finished result. Being part of the Hoop Club community through the Facebook group and videos is an added bonus. I look forward to my delivery every quarter. Thank you."

- Tori M

"I joined Hoop Club as I wanted to take up a new hobby and learn embroidery skills, so as a novice I can vouch that this subscription has proven super helpful and is just a really enjoyable, relaxing way to spend the evening!"

- Meg M

"I absolutely love Hoop Club. The kits are so varied and ones I wouldn’t usually choose so it can take me out of my comfort zone. I love the little extras that come with each month’s box and the video tutorials and instructions mean I rarely go wrong. It makes a great gift for an avid crafter or for yourself for a bit of mindfulness."

- Sophie W

"I really love my monthly hoop club subscription, it is a self-care bundle of joy which is aesthetically pleasing plus I am learning so much. Cannot recommend enough. X"

- Connie M

Frequently Asked Questions

Hoop Club is a quarterly embroidery subscription service. We find talented artists and designers from around the world and collaborate to come up with modern embroidery projects every three months. They’ll most likely contain a hoop (hence the name) but we’ll be exploring all different types of embroidery techniques together so sometimes the apparatus may be different!
Absolutely! Like all Cotton Clara kits, our projects are designed to be simple and satisfying, while we’ll be learning new stitches and techniques over the coming months, nothing will be overly technical, and everything comes with full instructions and video tutorials.
We hope not! We find it as satisfying to do a simple kit as a more elaborate one, and we hope you’ll be delighted by the never before seen designs and exciting collaborations. We’ll also try and offer suggestions as to how you might use a range of different stitches on a kit, to make it more or less challenging.
Occasionally we bring a Hoop Club project to the Cotton Clara shop, but if you like a project you’ll need to subscribe to guarantee availability.
Hoop Club is a wonderful community of modern makers! We post tutorials with each project where you can pick up tips and get help if you need it. Subscribers also benefit from getting their hands on these brand new kits first before they are available to anyone else, AND we source some brilliant little extras to go in the boxes, that you wouldn’t get were you just buying the kit. We want Hoop Club to be a place where you grow your love of embroidery and cement it as a hobby for life. We know it helps with anxiety, and crafting in general can really improve your mental health and happiness, not least because it keeps you off your phone! All subscribers also get a discount off Cotton Clara products as long as they subscribe, so there is plenty to keep you busy!
We can ship internationally! We use Royal Mail International tracked service.
You can cancel your subscription at any time, you have until the 15th of the month that the box ships in to cancel it for the next period’s box. You can manage your subscription by logging in to your account section. If you want to pause your subscription box, you have until 15th of the month of shipping to pause in your account settings and we'll skip taking payment from you that period.
Yes you can buy a one off box if we have availability of that project. This option doesn’t auto renew.
We'll be shipping boxes in the last week of the shipping month in each quarter. (Shipping months are November, February, May, and August) Shipping should take 1-2 days for the UK and 3-5 for international orders.
You will always be billed immediately at the time of checkout, but subsequent orders will be charged on the 16th of the next three month period. If you subscribe before the 16th (of the month of shipping) your payment will be for that next box sent out at the end of the month. If you sign up after 16th of the month of shipping, your first payment will be taken and will pay for the next quarter's box. All subscribers will be billed quarterly.
Yes! There is a gift subscription option which purchases a one off box and doesn’t auto renew.
Yes we always release the project about 6-8 weeks before it's due to dispatch. You can find the next project description on our blog.