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Hoop Club Box 5 Preview

Every time I tell you about a new Hoop Club project I think it’s my favourite one so far! This collaboration with brilliant illustrator Jane Foster is no different - I love it! We’re doing 3 kits together and the first to be released will be through Hoop Club, which will start to ship as usual around the 20th of January. You can sign up for a one of month (use the gift subscription if you don’t want it to auto-renew) Or you can get money off for signing up for a quarterly or annual subscription. All the details are here.

Now on to the project! So here she is, we’re going to be stitching a beautiful illustration of Frida Kahlo! This one can be done in all black or you could choose to stitch her flower crown in a colourful mix, we’ll include both options. It’s a bit like a mini sampler, we’ve got back stitch, chain stitch, french knots and satin stitch so a bit of everything! But don’t be intimidated, we’ll do a through tutorial video as usual. Let me know what you think!? We always try to include a little surprise for you in the box too, and we’ve managed to secure another Jane Foster treat for you January box:)

So many of you have said how much you love your Hoop Club subscription and how it’s helped you through lockdown, which just gives me so much joy! Thank you so much and please spread the word!

p.s the other two kits in the series will be released in late January!