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Hoop Club Box 25 Reveal

We're excited to introduce to you Hoop Club box 25, and we are featuring a new designer this month Ro Farmer.

This cross stitch is bright and cosy and modern and shows Ro's really distinctive illustration style. The project will take your a while to complete, so if you're looking for an Autumn project to get your teeth into and last you as those nights draw in, this is it!

We sat down with Ro to find about a bit more about her, here's what she said:

Tell us a little about yourself and your crafty world.

I grew up in Bristol, UK and moved to Canada 5 years ago.

I have a background in Graphic Design. I’ve always loved printmaking and the slow process of making something by hand. About 6 years ago my grandma gave me a cross stitching kit and I was hooked! 

With cross stitch, what is your number one tip for beginners?

Ohhh, have patience!  It’s probably one of the easiest forms of embroidery, the stitching isn’t complicated and you’re just following a grid, but it takes a lot of time. I love to do it listening to a podcast or watching something, I honestly find it hard to watch something without a needle in my hand these days! Don’t expect the piece to be done in under 5 hours ha!


Who or what is inspiring you on Instagram at the moment? Or where else do you get your inspiration? 

Normally I prefer to get my inspiration from Pinterest, I prefer it to scrolling through Instagram. I love to trail around thrift stores, finding knick-knacks, vintage fabrics, embroideries and craft books. 

Also just making sure I get outside! It’s rare an idea will spark in the studio. I love to walk around the neighbourhoods. I used to be a landscape gardener so I love to garden and be around plantlife. All the different shapes and colours are so inspiring. When you’re walking around the neighbourhoods here no two houses are the same, I love to draw different buildings and shop fronts. 


Favourite embroidery stitch?
Can I say cross stitch? I never actually really done any other embroidery - but I love the look of chain stitch!
Favourite colour combination?
Pink & green! Such a tough one, but this never fails for me, plus it’s the colour for my branding and green is my favourite colour!
One crafting tool you can’t live without?
Seems boring but a needle??
Desert island craft project? 
Probably a big woven rug!