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Hoop Club Box 10 Preview

I can't believe we're on box 10! This feels momentous to me, so many amazing designers, and kits created, and so much lovely feedback from you all. So glad I did this!

So on to this month's box. We've collaborated with illustrator and business owner Annie Dornan-Smith. I've followed Annie for ages on Instagram, I love her style and use of colour, and when she previewed her new line work collection i instantly imagined how good it would translate to embroidery.

So we've got a fairly simple, straight forward kit this month, a real change from last month! This is definitely one you can just sit on the sofa and relax with. We're doing lots of backstitch, and some satin stitch and practicing neat and small stitches and creating lines and curves with our embroidery.

AND, you'll see a sneaky peek of the extra gift that's coming your way in one of these pics. It's a good un. And just a note on extra gifts, we always try and include something in addition to your hoop kit, making being a subscriber a really exclusive deal (as often these aren't available afterwards and are limited edition) but when a project is a bit more expensive to put together (like last months) we aren't always able to do it. I just wanted to be open and transparent about the process, but believe me if I can get an extra gift in there, I will!

Enough chat, here's this month's project! The richer the soil, the brighter you bloom. I love this phrase, it just makes me think of summer gardens, but also rest and self care - and ensuring we make sure our soil is rich and we are giving ourselves good things, like rest and creativity and good food! Hope you like it :)