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5 Ideas to Use Your French Knitting Braids 🧶

French knitting is a type of knitting that loops wool around pegs in a circle to form a tube. The process is over 400 years old and is commonly known as spool knitting. You might have had a  Knitting Nancy when you were younger? It’s often used as a way of introducing children to knitting or crochet but I think it’s a brilliant craft for adults too. The repetitive nature and simplicity of it make it really relaxing and a very  mindful activity.

Don’t feel intimidated, this is a really easy craft to pick up. And if your first tube doesn’t look quite right, that’s normal. Just knit a couple of practice tubes first and then you’ll be good to go! 

This is the tutorial we used to get started.

Our five favourite ideas…

1. Wall Art: Read Cara Supply’s tutorial on how to make some brilliant looking wall art. They start right from the beginning and even show you how to make your own spool if you don’t have one! 

2. Pretzel Necklaces: Handmade Charlotte has a few great tutorials on french knitting. Click the link to read their post on french knit pretzel necklaces.


3. Monogram Brooch: Another tutorial from Handmade Charlotte which shows you how to make a monogram brooch. You can also find other tutorials online demonstrating how to create french knit brooches with different designs, like a flower.  

4. Knotted Coasters: My Poppet has a great tutorial on how to make a beautiful knotted coaster. Click the link to read their post. 

5. Hair Clip: Duyguturgok shows you how to make a french knit hair clip through a video reel on instagram. 

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