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Cool Crafts for Kids

As a mum to two young boys I’m always on the lookout for cool crafting and art projects I can do with them. Although it’s getting harder and harder to drag them off their screens! With summer approaching, I thought I’d share a few cool projects and accounts that have caught my eye….

DIY Paper Chain Garland

I like how non-messy this project is, and  you could combine a trip to B&Q to get the paint cards for this one, make an outing of it and get some house jobs ticked off at the same time? This is such a simple idea and would look really cool in a kids bedroom!

Image credit: Pretty Life Girls

Mini Lid Banjos

How cute are these?? The easy to follow tutorial from Craft Train promises each one takes less than 10 minutes great for short attention spans, and a really good excuse to buy some more patterned washi tape?

Image credit: The Craft Train

Colour Scavenger Hunt

This, from I Heart Crafty Things, is such a clever but simple idea, perfect for days out with the kids. The aim is for them to collect (free) items of the colour marked up on the bag. Once complete the items can be returned or taken home as a mini ‘treasure bag’.

Image credit: I Heart Crafty Things

Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Letters


Found this on the ArtBar website. These letters are a bit more time consuming than the other projects listed but perfect for a rainy day activity. And most people have old balls of wool lying around don’t they? Or is that just me? 

Image credit: ArtBar

Egg Carton Animals

I love this! Perfect for animal loving kids. This blog shares the original video tutorial which is easy to follow - all you need is empty egg cartons, paint, brushes, scissors and cardboard.

Image credit: Viridian Art


Instagram is a great platform for finding crafting with kids inspiration - there are so many fab accounts that share great ideas and tips! Here’s just a few of my favourites...











I hope one of these projects and/or accounts inspires your creativity, and most importantly the children in your life. As always let me know if you do get stuck in and I would love to see your creations - DM or tag @cotton_clara.

Happy crafting!