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In amongst the sadness and hardship of the last 12 months there has been some positivity and joy, and for us at Cotton Clara it’s witnessing people discover crafting - whether it be cross-stitch, embroidery or another form of creativity - and the pleasure it brings. We’ve been fortunate to be able to offer a small escape for people through our products and every day we receive wonderful feedback sharing how they have made a small but significant difference to their lives.

“The fabulous thing about embroidery is that it requires just enough focus that your mind can’t really wander but not so much that you can’t relax and keep one eye on a bit of escapism. Perfect for preventing my prone-to-anxiety mind from becoming a tumultuous beehive.” 

@copyrox_ via Instagram (February 2021)

So if you’re new to the community and want to get stuck into your first project, or simply want a new kit to add to your collection we’ve curated our bestselling edit with something for everyone to help you choose.

Adventure Awaits 2021 Hoop Embroidery Kit

Pink with red thread Adventure Awaits hoop being held by a woman wearing a mint green jumper

We’ve been inspired by the renewed love of the outdoors many of us have found during the pandemic - safely exploring the areas around us and rediscovering the simple pleasure of a walk and the beauty of nature all around us has been one of the plus points of the last twelve months or so - and this kit is all about celebrating that. We also wanted to convey the sense of hope that we feel for this year, as things slowly start to get back to normal, and the amazing adventures in our future. 

Similar to its sister kit - the sell out ‘We Stayed at Home 2020’ design - this kit is brilliant for beginners as it just uses one simple back stitch and one colour thread. The hoop measures 16cm in diameter and you can choose from five different colour ways - dark green with pink thread, pale peach with red thread, cream with navy thread, mustard with lemon thread or red with white thread. There really is a kit for everyone!

We think it’s the perfect kit for gifting - whether you complete it yourself and give the finished piece or unmade ready for the recipient to complete - it’s a positive, uplifting present for anyone to receive.

“Such a fun project for the weekend or evenings. Loved every minute of this!” Michelle D. March 2021

“Can't wait to start my latest project. The fabric looks great, the design is clear and easy to follow.” Julie S. April 2021


Miffy Cross Stitch Kit

We've partnered with Miffy, to produce a set of four cross stitch kits, all suitable for beginners and all oh-so-cute! Using just one simple stitch these kits make a great gift for any Miffy fan, from children to grandparents alike, and are a great option for baby showers, christening and birthday presents. Or if you’re the Miffy fan why not work your way through all four kits to add to your collection?

Everything is included in the kit including the hoop, printed fabric, needle, thread, wadding, instructions and backing disc. The backing disc makes it really easy to finish off your product and display it where you wish. And of course, everything is packaged in our signature striped packaging.

“I couldn’t put this down. Can’t wait to do the rest of them!” Sophie, April 2021


Inspired by vintage patch design this kit is the perfect memento of the year no-one will forget! Using just one simple stitch it really is the perfect starter kit for a beginner but the finished design is so impressive and something to rightly feel proud of.

Available in four different colour ways - choose from mint green with red thread, khaki green with white thread, oatmeal with black thread or pink with burgundy thread - the kit comes packaged beautifully in our signature striped box.

“Love my new hobby, this embroidery kit kept me happy during lockdown.” Janet E. February 2021

“Perfect for beginners, the kit comes with everything you need and can also add your own twist to it if you want to. Looking forward to getting my next one!” Sara B. January 2021



Jane Foster x Cotton Clara Frida Khalo Embroidery Kit

This embroidery kit first appeared as our January 2021 Hoop Club project and the feedback since then has been amazing, everyone loves this kit! We worked with the brilliant illustrator Jane Foster to produce this kit, using one of her illustrations.

This is a sampler kit made up of 4 different stitches; back stitch, reverse chain stitch, french knots (but these are replaceable if you find them tricky) and satin stitch. Stitch over the printed design using our instruction guide to help you, plus here's a handy tutorial for this kit on our YouTube channel. 

The hoop measures 20cm and the kit contains everything you need, including printed fabric, thread, needle, hoop, wadding, backing disc and instructions. 

“CottonClara has the loveliest kits. The Frida kit is simple and relaxing to complete. It’s a beautiful kit with great quality materials.” Susan. W April, 2021

“I’ve yet to get a kit that I haven’t enjoyed. This really helped me hone my french knot stitch and is a fun design.” Sophie, April 2021


It’s so easy to get into a competitive mindset with life and whilst some competition is warranted and positive at times we truly believe there is an alternative, kinder way to drive people (and ourselves) on. This kit was designed with that sentiment in mind; the phrase is a wonderful reminder to support and help others whilst achieving success yourself. 

This kit comes with pre printed fabric in a vibrant yellow, apple green or pink, so you are all ready to stitch on the pattern. It’s a bit like stitching by numbers! Another perfect option for a beginner, the design uses just one simple back stitch.

The hoop measures 17cm diameter and as with all of our kits everything you need is included, including the printed fabric, thread, needle, wadding, backing disc and ribbon to hang.

“I love the message and design of this kit, and it was easy to do. I’ve hung it up as a positive reminder of what we’ve been through this year. Keep going with designs like these!” Alison Y. April 2021

“Great kit! This was my first go at embroidery - really enjoyed it! Straightforward and easy to follow. Very happy with the result too!” Rachel B. March 2021


We hope one of these kits sparks your creativity and you give it a try but remember these are just a few of the projects available from Cotton Clara - browse everything we have to offer on 

Happy crafting!