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A really simple cross-stitch project

I wanted to show you our Alphabet Hoop Kit, it gets a bit over looked by the single hoop kits but it’s a really lovely easy project, great for making gifts or decorating children’s rooms! You start by marking out the letter you want to stitch, using the diagram we include in the instructions. The pen disappears after 24 hours or so.
Now put your felt in your hoop. Place the small ring on a table, lay over your felt and place the larger ring with the screw over the top. You’ll need to loosen the screw to get it over the felt, and tighten it back up again to make the felt nice and taught. Try to get your design central.
Now start to stitch your crosses. Always keep the direction of your stitches consistent, so if you start from top to bottom and left to right, always do stitch this direction first. It’s not essential but it will make your work look neater.
Keep following the pattern and adding in your stitches. When you’re done, cut the excess felt from around your hoop to about 2/3 cm. Add in the wadding to the back of the hoop then fold in the felt edges. Finish it all off with the wooden disc we supply. Then add your ribbon and hang! It’s that easy! And the beauty of this kit is that you can keep on going, way beyond the 3 hoops we provide in the kit. With the pen and the template you can add chunky cross stitch letters to anything, or buy some more hoops and felt and keep stitching :) You can find this kit here.