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3 weeks in and our studio space is feeling like home.....

So we moved into our new studio space at the end of February and we are very much still unpacked, but we're operational and the team have done a great job at getting us organised. We need loads more storage, but we didn't know what we needed until we moved in and started filling the space, so that's the next priority, but Holly came to take some photos last week and I thought you'd like to see more of this amazing space! It will also be fun to look back on as we get more settled in.

The space is an old art college building from the 1930s, these doors were original i think, and were just sanded down to reveal this amazing finish! The drawers full of wool are from IKEA.

These windows are one of the most striking things about the space. They separate the office and production areas but still make the space feel open and light.

We are so lucky to be working here. The space and the light are just amazing, and we're in the building with two other creative business including the brilliant Ohh Deer. There are plans for a cafe downstairs soon (we are on the first floor) which is going to make the space so buzzy! We are in the centre of town too, so it just feels fun and busy and connnected.

The staff room is my favourite space! I sit in there and just pretend it's my kitchen! It's just so lovely and spacious and cool, and at the heart is a table that the building team rescued from the basement, sanded up and looks fab. I had the idea this week that I wanted to hold business breakfasts there, can't wait for restrictions to lift so we can do this! Or sewing workshops? This space is just perfect for sharing, and I can't wait to do that so watch this space.