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Hoop Club Box 7 Preview

This month's Hoop Club designer is Brie Harrison, a lovely person and talented illustrator from Suffolk. I met Brie at a trade fair a few years ago and we chatted the days away talking about business and life, I learnt so much from Brie over those few days, and so it's making me very happy to be able to collaborate with Brie now. If you don't already know Brie's work, take a look at her Instagram, her work is just beautiful!

So this month features not one but two kits! The main kit is based on one of Brie's illustrations and the second is one that I've designed and is an added extra for you! I thought it fitted well with Brie's design and you won't want to stop cross stitching once you've started!

You can sign up for Hoop Club as a one off gift subscription (just put your own address in the gift part!) or as a reoccurring subscription. Subscriptions start at £25, which includes UK postage and boxes that are often worth upwards of £35 Sign up here and let us know if you have any questions