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Hoop Club Box 4 Preview

I can tell you, I am REALLY enjoying getting the box 4 project ready. It’s chunky, it’s satisfying and oh my goodness just so textural and good! So, we’re going to be making rainbow ornaments using a design from the wonderful Cristin Morgan! Cristin is based in the US, and I’ve loved here stuff for ages, so to get to work with her on this project is a dream!

We could have chosen a whole number of projects from Cristin but I went for these gorgeous rainbow ornaments.

These are made using a hoop to help keep your stitching straight and tight, but then we remove the hoop and stitch the two sides together, stuff with filling, and then hang with the cord. Everything will be included (apart from pins, you’ll need some pins) and we will take this slowly, step by step. It’s simple, but there are quite a few steps. I’m so excited for you all to get started on this! And of course, you could hang them on your Christmas tree, but then don’t pack them away! These are great for all year round!

Don’t forget we’ll be shipping dead on the 15th to make sure you get your box before Christmas! And you can subscribe as a gift, just check out the Hoop Club page for details!