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Hoop Club Box 11 Preview

So we are up to our eleventh Hoop Club Box! This month we have teamed up with illustrator Elizabeth Olwen who's world of illustrations and colours and images is just heaven! I think I love just about everything Elizabeth does, so it was hard to narrow it down to one design. We chose this phrase, 'what a time to be alive' in one of Elizabeth's signature typography designs, because it kind of felt right for the moment, thankful as well as a still a bit in awe/shell shocked at what we are witnessing going on?
The kit uses two stitches, what you can see is satin stitch, but underneath, to give us a lovely neat and defined edge there is some split back stitch too. I think you're really going to enjoy getting the hang of satin stitch, the effect once the design is completed is really WOW!
We've got a little extra gift to go into your boxes this month, but I won't reveal that here, so that there's a little surprise for you when you open your box!
As always, this is totally accessible to beginners, and we guide you through each step with the instructions booklet and the online tutorial. Don't be intimidated by this design, you can definitely do it!
Sign up by the 15th July to secure your box, and receive your box after the 20th of the month when we start shipping them out. 
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