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Grey Embroidery Hoop 25cm
Grey Embroidery Hoop 25cm

Grey Embroidery Hoop 25cm

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So I think I'm a bit weird but I think embroidery hoops on their own make a really nice decoration on a shelf? Or with just some lovely fabric in them. You don't even have to stitch anything to appreciate these beauties!

These heavy plastic rings have a lovely quality feel, they are a really beautiful kind of lilac grey colour with a silver screw. You'll have fun pairing this lovely colour hoop with some contrasting fabric.

With their particularly firm hold the rings are grooved on the inside. This means that the inner ring is provided with a narrow thickening all around, which snaps into the groove of the outer ring. Meaning the fabric doesn't slip while you're stitching it.


  • The hoop measures 8.5 cm on the outer edge
  • 7cm diameter space to stitch
  • Made from plastic