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Studio Tour Part 1

I have lots of photos of our space here so I thought I'd share them on a blog! We moved in to this first floor studio space in June 2019 and we're about 4/6 weeks away from moving out! There are a few things that make this space not great for us now, it's on the first floor (makes shipping and receiving pallets tricky!) there aren't loads of parking spaces for staff and it's too small! I'll take some more photos tomorrow to show you how cramped we are but we seriously need more space!

I had big plans to make the space a lot whiter and brighter but apart from painting the toilet pink and a few patches of floor (I'm not a finisher) I haven't had time to do anything which considering we are moving out now I'm quite glad about!

All we've really done is fill the space with stuff! It's going to be a big job to move it all!

The picture above was before lockdown I think, maybe Feb? It's much fuller now of people and stock! We used to have a fair bit of space to take photos and set up shots but not any more!

We inherited some lovely green walls!

We've had many a photo shoot here and the light is really good.

Also very old photos, shelves are alot fuller now!
Think we'd just moved in here, boxes everywhere! This space is unrecognisable now, filled with shelving and boxes.
Slightly nervous about moving our two laser cutters out of the building, via the electric winch. Hanging a tonne of very expensive equipment over a ledge is not the most relaxing experience!
I'll take some photos of how the space looks now in the morning so you can see how much we've filled it!