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Halloween Cat Cross Stitch Mini Hoop Tutorial

These little cat hoops were just crying out to be made into a little halloween kit, so we've gathered all the supplies you'll need to make 5 of these little felines, I'm going to hang mine on my Autumnal tree (is that even a thing?!) basically dragging in a stick from outside and hanging all the autumnal and halloween bits I've gathered over the years on it!

So to make these cat's you'll need the cross stitch chart which is here.

If you've never stitched onto black fabric (aida) before then be warned, it's a little bit tricky! Because it's black, you need to stitch over something white or light coloured, a table, sheet of paper so that you can see the holes in the fabric, otherwise it's really difficult to see where to stitch. You don't have this problem with light coloured aida as what you are stitching over more often than not is darker than the fabric, so you can see the holes.

Start stitching in the middle of the fabric, (the red cross on the chart marks the centre of the design) Use 3 strands of the white thread included in your kit. Once you've finished, tie a knot in the end.

Place your fabric centrally in the cat hoop. Now trim around the edge of the fabric, you need a roughly 1cm edge, which you are going to glue around the smaller wooden disc. Push the small wooden disc inside the cat hoop. Once you've glued that down add some more glue to the top of the fabric, the back of the disc and the very edge of the cat hoop, and stick your larger disc on. You may need to clamp it with a bull dog clip until it's dry. You can use the glue included or if you have a glue gun this works well too.

Hang with the twine included and enjoy!