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Edwina's Colourful House in London

A couple of weeks ago we went to London to do a Christmas photoshoot (on one of the hottest days of the year of course!) We went to Edwina's who runs Clary and Peg house and it was just perfect! I'd spotted Edwina's amazing house on Instagram probably a couple of years ago and thought it would make a great location shoot house, and happily Edwina agreed to have us! Holly Booth took some amazing photos so I thought you'd like to see them!

We'll start in the sunny lounge of the Edwardian terraced house. Light and colourful, relaxed and like the rest of the house with treasures everywhere.
And then there are the striped walls in the hallways...
The reading room comes off the lounge and there is a cool window into the basement kitchen. This room was so cosy and just full of things to look at and read!
Now the basement kitchen which is so cosy, but really light and airy. Definitely the heart of the home and where it would be a joy to hang out. I particularly love the polished concrete floor and the orange love seat against the pink wall.
This is the little window in to the reading room.
This, if you can believe it, is a bathroom!