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Customising your Stronger Together Kit

So you might remember that we released dated kits in 2020 and 2021? They were super popular, our best selling kits of the year! Well the consensus was that you wanted us to keep going with this and release a 2022 kit. We've done it this year but we're doing it a little differently to make sure we (try) and please everyone we've made the date optional. And this blog post shows you how to add the date if you wish!

So there are a few videos to refer to on Instagram that will help you with transferring the 2022 onto your hoop. Also you'll need to download and print this page, which has the text for 2022 written out in a matching font.


There are two methods for transferring a design on to fabric. One is better for darker fabrics and we'll start with that. Check out my reel on Instagram here to see this method in action. You'll need some water soluble embroidery paper which you can find in our shop here. This will last you ages as you only need a square a size of the design you are transferring.

Simply trace the numbers onto the fabric then pin this to your design wherever you want it to go. We've stitched ours on the bottom left of the design. Once you have finished, rinse off the fabric with cold water and leave your piece to dry, you can use an iron to speed it up.


If you have one of the paler fabric kits, you can use this second method. All you will need is an erasable pen. We sell two different types on our shop. The heat erasable pen is the most accurate for small designs like this. Find it here. Use this tutorial for an overview of this method, but simply trace the numbers using the pen onto your fabric. Use a window or a light box if needed. Once you have stitched over the design, if you can still see the pen use an iron or a hairdryer to erase it.

And that's it! Please let me know if you do this, I'd love to see your photos!

Chloe x