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Cocktails & Crafting Party

Now that lockdown is easing and we’re allowed to get together with more people we wanted to give you the how to for a social event you’ll be the very proud hostess of. Fancy hosting a Cocktails and Crafting party? We’ve put together a few ideas so you can make it happen…

Our kits really are perfect for creating a stylish garden party - everything is included in the kit, there are so many suitable for beginners AND so many that can be completed in just one afternoon or evening. 

So if you’re hosting a rule of six gathering soon why not do something a little different? It’s fun, relaxing and at the end of the evening everyone will have a stylish memento they can take home with them.

Just follow these simple steps to organising a Cocktails & Crafting party...

Firstly get creative and really dress your outdoor space up - pick a theme and use that to brainstorm ideas. If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space big enough for a table use it as the focal point for the party - use table cloths, napkins, place mats all within your theme to transform the table top. Charity shops always have loads of vintage embroidered doilies and table cloths which look great, and they will be open soon for you to have a browse!

Layer colours and textures together to create a beautiful base that you can then build upon with other decorations.

Add flowers and greenery - both can be really inexpensive if you use what it is in season - and I am a big fan of lanterns for creating a stylish impact. Place these on the table and/or on the floor to help create the atmosphere - and also subtle lighting when it starts to get dark!

Talking of lighting, festoon lights really dress a space up and can be really inexpensive. And if your dedicated space is at the bottom of your garden solar options are available and easy to use.

You’ll need some glasses for your cocktails, is it still cool to drink from jam jars? That might be a cool budget friendly option if you don’t have proper cocktail glasses? 

Why not treat your guests to a signature cocktail upon arrival? Practice a few recipes and master your unique cocktail before the day to wow your friends. This can of course be non-alcoholic if that’s the preference - just let your creativity run wild! And for maximum chic-ness add a few edible flowers to each glass...

And the last but certainly no means least ingredient to your chic little gathering are the Cotton Clara kits - the perfect activity to do whilst you sit, catch up and sip your cocktails. Choose from our wide range of board and hoop kits; maybe everyone does the same kit so you have the same memento of the evening or give everyone a different kit and swap them around during the evening so everyone contributes a little to each one. 

My recommendations are

And don’t forget the accessories too – our colourful scissors would be a really cute extra gift for your guests.

I hope I’ve inspired you to organise and host a Cocktails & Crafting party and if I have don’t forget to tag us in any posts!