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Candy Cane Cross Stitch free PDF Pattern

We've created a very simple and very cute cross stitch design for you to stitch up at home! Download it here. We used a 3 inch hoop so this is the perfect design to hang on the tree, use as a present topper, or place setting or display it on the wall? Instructions below but you can find them in the PDF too!

What you will need:

• Scissors

• 14cm square of 14ct aida fabric

• Size 22 Tapestry needle

• 3” hoop

• Wadding

• Embroidery thread

• Ribbon to hang

• Cardboard  backing disc ( you can just trace around the inside hoop and cut out a piece of cardboard)

Give your fabric a quick iron and then place it in your embroidery hoop, lay it on top of the small hoop then put the larger one on top and screw it in tightly.

Cut a length of thread around 50cm long, then split your embroidery thread. Each length of embroidery thread is made up of six strands, you need to stitch this pattern with two strands.

Thread your needle with two strands of thread and tie a knot in the end. Start approximately in the middle of your hoop, don’t worry if you aren’t happy with the placement, you can move it once it’s finished. The dotted crossed line on the diagram marks the middle of the pattern, so use this as a guide to work out from this point.

Come up through the bottom of the hoop and use the squares that make up the weave of the fabric as your guide for where to stitch your crosses. Now make a cross over one square, using two diagonal stitches, one on top of the other.

Always stitch in a consistent pattern, either left over right or right over left. When you have finished and you are happy that your design is central, cut any excess fabric from around the hoop away, leaving a 2-3cm border to fold over into the back of the hoop.

Cut the wadding to the size of the hoop. Place the wadding in the back of the hoop and fold your fabric over the top.

Cut a piece of cardboard to the same size as your wadding. It should t comfortably and securely inside your hoop.You can tie a ribbon to the screw of the hoop to hang your candy cane if you wish.