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A Pegboard Christmas Tree Pattern

I’ve always loved this product, one of our very first - the pegboard cross-stitch kit. It’s simple and striking in it’s design, and looks great in a nursery or playroom stitched with an initial, but it’s also a great way to learn cross-stitch. The wooden board makes it easy to stitch the larger stitches, and you can just unpick it if you go wrong. Come to that you can unpick it just so you can do something different, maybe display for a while with one design and then change it up in a few months?
Amy, who works in our studio is a keen maker and she came up with this gorgeous tree design, that we thought you might like to! Click here to see the pattern and here to buy the neon coral wool she stitched it in. I’ve also just put a little IGTV up where I show you the full kit and everting you get included, so have a look! Shop the Pegboard Cross Stitch Kit here.
This would be a lovely Christmas craft to do on a cosy afternoon, really simple and it’s gonna look great propped on your mantlepiece or fireplace or hung with the string provided.