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A letter to myself this November the 23rd 2020.....

Building something is hard. You can’t be haphazard about this. It won’t just happen with some random spurts of effort every now and then, it’s going to take sustained focussed action. You need to be constantly learning, and reassessing, and dreaming! 

What’s the plan? What are your next moves to get where you want to be? You have some work to do on defining the bigger vision, and on the next 5 moves you need to make, but for now....this week.

This week make a list of no more than 5 things that will move the business forward, not things that a technician would do but things that the director, the owner the entrepreneur with the vision would do.

Rise above the massive to do list and pick 5 things that will propel your vision forward. What are the bold moves, the things that scare you to do or even think about putting on your list? Who do you need to reach out to, what nudges are you feeling? Go with them, do the thing that makes your heart beat faster when you think about it.

Make a plan for this week. When will you do these things?

And what’s going to help you keep going even when you don’t feel like keeping going? How are you going to move your body every day? What are the healthy meals you’re going to cook?

Make every day count, and keep looking forward, never back.